Multi-Family Residential

Apartments, Senior Living Communities, and More

With our design build methodology, we’ve successfully completed aggressive construction schedules on multi-family residential properties, keeping costs within budget.

Apartment Project Temecula, California

Badraun Builders built a conventional 180 unit multi-family residential property in Temecula, California.

Our team created multiple staging areas in order to meet an aggressive construction schedule. Since time was a critical factor, both design and construction were fast-tracked and done simultaneously. Our design build methodology allowed us to compress our project schedule and complete this project on time.

Our strategic partnerships with vendors and suppliers helped us to keep overall costs within budget. We were able to value engineer several design elements which resulted in 13% of project cost savings to the owner.

Senior-Living Project Prescott, Arizona

Badraun Builders built a 128 unit ultra-luxury active senior-living property in Prescott, Arizona. Using our pre-construction services, the construction incorporated architecture, materials and other aesthetic elements consistent with the Arizona culture and landscape. Local slate and rocks were used in the fountains and other masonry details. Custom atrium skylights were incorporated to provide day-lighting and reduced energy consumption.

To maintain the rich history of this area, our team incorporated natural landscape and materials such as copper, clay and unique wood throughout common areas, dining halls, recreation areas, patios and private rooms.

Taking advantage of one of our subsidiary companies we used many foam fabricated products. The use of foam in this application provided durability, strength and reduced costs without sacrificing aesthetics. We were also able to cost engineer several key systems such as HVAC and plumbing which resulted in not only a more superior product, but at a lesser cost. This project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. The appraisal value upon completion was valued at more than double the project cost.